JAM FIGS - fig preserve (jam) Mongetto
SPICY FIG JAM - spicy fig preserve (jam) Mongetto
SPICY COTOGNE JAM -spicy quince preserve (jam) Mongetto
JAM of PEPPERS - pepper preserve (jam) Mongetto
PUMPKIN JAM - pumpkin preserve (jam) Mongetto
GRAIN NOCCIOLA PIEDMONT IGP - chopped hazelnut IGP Weather in Pariani
MAMRMELLATA ORANGES - orange jam Mongetto
MAMRMELLATA MANDARINS - mandarin hour Mongetto
NOCCIOLA PIEDMONT IGP - whole roasted hazelnut IGP Weather in Pariani
HAZELNUT OIL - hazelnut oil Weather in Pariani
OF PINE NUT OIL - pinenut oil Weather in Pariani
PASTA NOCCIOLA PIEDMONT IGP - hazelnuts IGP paste Weather in Pariani
PINOLO ITALIANO 1 CHOICE - italian pinenut first choice Weather in Pariani


CARNAROLI RICE - Carnaroli rice Piedmont
WHOLEMEAL VENUS RICE - Black Venere rice Piedmont
VIALONE NANO RICE - Vialone Nano rice Piedmont


BUTTER OCCELLI - premium butter Occelli
VALSESIA BUTTER FROM WHITE COW - fresh butter white cow milk Valsesia
CURTIN TRUFFLE OCCELLI - with black truffle Occelli
OCCELLI AL BAROLO - enriched with Barolo Wine DOCG Occelli
OCCELLI MALT BARLEY AND WHISKEY - with Barley Malt and Whisky Occelli
BIRDS IN CHESTNUT LEAF - with Barley Malt and Whisky Occelli
Occelli TOMA MONTE REGALE - row cow milk Toma Occelli
RASCHERA DOP - Protected Designation of Origin
TOMA PIEMONTESE D.O.P. - from Piedmont Protected Designation of Origin
TOMINI OF BOSCAIOLO 100 gr - tomini cheeses in tray Long