Cold cuts


CHEEK peppery - cured pork jowl with pepper Gelli
SMOKED BACON TYROL - smoked flat seasoned belly Pfitcher
BACON TESA "ROSA ALPINA" SMOKED - smoked flat belly Pfitcher
BACON TESA "ROSA ALPINA" DOLCE - flat belly Pfitcher
ROLLED BACON - rolled belly without rind Golfera
LARD WITH HERBS - pork lard with herbs Pfitcher
SPECK SELECTION South Tyrol Pfitcher
SEASONED COPPA - seasoned air-cured pork meat Golfera
"THE Golfetta - Made only from selected Italian ham
certified gluten-free - low fat content (40% less than traditional salami)" golfers
MORTADELLA BOLOGNA 1/2 I.G.P. in / pist 21 CM - P.G.I. with pistachios Bonfatti
MORTADELLA TRUFFLE 1/2 19 CM - with truffle Bonfatti
HEAD CUP in JUTA - pig's Head Sausage Gelli
FINOCCHIONA - salami with fennel seeds from Tuscany Gelli
TUSCAN SALAMI - tuscan salami Gelli
salamella BOLOGNA - U shape small cured salami Bonfatti
SALAMI FERRARESE Zia - salami from Ferrara with garlic Bonfatti
SALAMI EMILIANO GUT IN KIND - feline salami Bonfatti
GOLFERINO SALAMI TRUFFLE - cacciatorino truffle salami Golfera
NAPLES SALAMI - Naples Salami (medium/coarse grain) golfers
BEEF SALAMI 100% - beef salami Pfitcher
SALAMI DOLCEMAGRO - certified gluten-free / reduced fat content Golfera
BRESAOLA S / V - vacuum whole bresaola Sosio
BRESAOLA PUNTA HIP "OF OF" - loin cut from Valtellina 1/2 socio
BRESAOLA PUNTA HIP - Artisanal Bresaola made from Limousin FR 1/2 socio
TASTASALE - minced pure pork meat salami mixture - gluten free Pavoncelli
COTECHINO PRECOTTO - pre cooked sausage Bonfatti

ANCIENT Ardenga - High Quality Traditional

COUNT - like Culatello but less seasoned - not in "consortium" A. Ardenga
ARDEGNA BABY - A hunter's salami. Ardenga
CULATELLO OF ZIBELLO D.O.P. - Protected Designation of Origin A. Ardenga
FOG - peculiar produt between Culatello and Culatta A. Ardenga
SHOULDER RAW Palasone A Whole. Ardenga
SALAMI FELINO PGI - A feline salami PGI. Ardenga
STROLGHINO - salami made with culatello meat A. Ardenga
CUP Ardenga - seasoned air-cured pork meat A. Ardenga
RECEIVER - same meat of Culatello seasoned in rind A. Ardenga

Cold Cuts for Puglia Region (South-East Italy)

"pork meat at the back that goes from the head to the fifth vertebra" Santoro
CAPOCOLLO "TWO HUNDRED" - 200 days of affining process Santoro
ES CAPOCOLLO - affining 30 with ES wine (Primitivo di Manduria) Santoro
THREAD LARDED - seasoned meat and lardel with rind Santoro

Spicy Cold Cuts from Calabria Region (South-West Italy)

SPICY SAUSAGE CIGAR - spicy salamy 500 gr/pce Lafutura
VENTRICINA - spicy medium large grain pork salamy Golfera
SPIANATA CALABRA - flat spicy salami from Southern Italy Golfera
NDUJA ATRIGIANALE - spreadable spicy salami fron Southern Italy Callà
CAPOCOLLO SPICY - spicy capocollo Callà

HAMS HAMS - Parma and Cured Hams
disosstato - no bone

SEASONED HAM - cured ham no bone pressed Leonardi
HAM NATIONAL - Italian cured ham no bone Leonardi
PARMA HAM 18 M - Parma Ham no bone Leonardi
PARMA HAM 24 M - Parma Ham no bone Gallons
PARMA HAM 30 M - Parma Ham no bone Sant'Ilario
HAM SAN DANIELE - San Daniele Ham no bone Leonardi
RECEIVER OF MODENA HAM - same meat of Culatello seasoned in rind Leonardi

is osso - with bone

PARMA'S HAM 18 M - Parma Ham with bone Leonardi
PARMA HAM 24 M - Parma Ham with bone Gallons
PARMA HAM 30 M - Parma Ham with bone Sant'Ilario
HAM SAN DANIELE - San Daniele Ham no bone Leonardi
PROSCIUTTO TOSCANO D.O.P. - Tuscan PDO Ham with bone Salcis
HAM SAURIS - Cured Smoked ham from Sauris Zahre

COOKED HAMS - Cooked hams

HAM Julius 1/2 High Quality 'Ita - cooked ham Ita Bonfatti
HAM Julius 1/2 Truffle Ita - cooked ham with truffle Bonfatti
HAM RED SHIELD - cooked ham Cottinforno
HAM Aprella - cooked ham Cottinforno
"ST ANDREW ROSE - Slightly spicy beacon cooked in oven with intense
taste, great served both hot or cold. High quality hand tied gluten-free " Cottinforno